Conference Venue: AICS (Nagano (Engineering) campus, Shinshu University, Wakasato 4-17-1, Nagano 380-8553, Japan)

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History of the conference

The first conference, EM-NANO 2004, was held in 2004 at Niigata based on the fund of the Hikuriku-Shinetsu Chapter, which derives the allowance of the 63th Fall Annual Meeting of JSAP held at Niigata University. The second conference EM-NANO 2007 at Nagano, the third conference EM-NANO 2010 at Toyama, the fourth conference EM-NANO 2013 at Kanazawa, the fifth conference EM-NANO 2015 at Niigata, and the sixth conference EM-NANO 2017 at Fukui had been held before. The seventh conference EM-NANO 2019 is now planning to hold in Jun 19-22 at Nagano.

The purpose and the scope of conference

This conference, EM-NANO 2019, is intended to have a strong strategy providing a forum for discussion all related subjects on organic and inorganic materials and nanotechnologies for electronics. The scope of the conference covers almost all useful and potential fields of JSAP. This conference should stimulate the activities of the research in the members of JSAP, especially for the members of the Hokuriku-Shinetsu Chapter. The conference combined with the researchers of both organic and inorganic field is unique, and it facilitates the collaborations of scientists in different field to promote the researches including the development of new research fields.

Conference Scope

All related subjects on organic and inorganic materials and nanotechnologies for electronics

    A. Organic Materials and Devices for Electronics

  1. Fabrication of organic thin films
  2. Electrical and optical properties of organic thin films
  3. Organic devices
  4. Organic-inorganic composites and hybrid systems
  5. Characterization techniques
  6. B. Inorganic Materials and Devices for Electronics

  7. Fabrication of inorganic films
  8. Electrical, optical, and magnetic properties of inorganic thin films
  9. Inorganic devices
  10. Characterization technics
  11. C. Nanotechnologies for Electronics

  12. Advanced low dimensional nano materials and their applications
  13. Electrical, optical, and magnetic measurement techniques
  14. Near-field nanotechnologies
  15. Nano-processing and characterization technologies
  16. S. Special Sessions

  17. Photovoltaics
  18. Energy harvesting/ Battery-related technology and materials
  19. Wide-gap materials and devices
  20. Advanced oxide materials and their applications

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